Grimmheimat Nordhessen

Due to their famous fairy tales, the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm became almost the most famous Germans in the world. The stories "Children's and Household Tales" collected in Nordhessen are the most published story. They rang among the most popular contribution of the German nation to the universal culture. 


A region needs a leading thread, a kind of key work to open natives and guests the view to their treasures and prospects. The regional family brand "GrimmHeimat NordHessen" leads to a dynamic and economical development, even in times of upheaval. The Hessian government develops the brand "Hessen – Land der Brüder Grimm" and our region is one of the most active partner with our family brand "GrimmHeimat NordHessen".  Such a big marketing strategie is unique in Germany and meets the spirit of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, to overcome limits, to cultivate new fields, to set standards. 

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