Bike tours and E-Bikes

Next to hiking, biking has become one of the most important trends for the tourism. Therefore the tourist destination NordHessen will become model region for the use of modern electric-bikes. This comfortable means of locomotion is called "Pedelec or E-Bike". It is based on the idea from Austria and Switzerland,  to make popular holiday regions through the means of soft mobility more attractive for guests. The same applies to untypical biking regions, such as the mountain and low mountain range landscapes or for the maritime region, although with flat territory but strong headwinds.

Combining the existing touristic infrastructure with the thousandfold approved „Movelo Swiss Flyer“ we get a complete new dimension of biking. „Whoever has used this bike at least once, knows: Only flying is better“, explains  Movelo-Managing Director Andreas Senger. No wonder, since this bike with its smart electronic turns biking into pure pleasure. It recognizes in every situation, how strong the user is pedaling and is supporting him useful with its clean and soft electric engine power. The handling is as easy as the use: lend it, sit down and start. Easily you will cycle your way, you will climb every mountain and you will even enjoy headwinds. The elderly, as well as completely untrained users or hospitalised patients with restrictions on movement are now able to experience the beautiful landscape, the many sights of the region Edersee and Kellerwald on their own.


One accumulator filling reaches approx. 40 km, so that you will be able to do longer tours as well. For the guests in Nordhessen a wide network of rental-stations and accumulator changing places will be at their disposal soon. The new bikes, regularly maintained, are available for rent (per day approx. 18 €). You will find rental stations e.g. in Bad Wildungen-Reinhardshausen (Wandelhalle), Bad Zwesten, Frankenau, at the Nationalpark-facilities and along the Edersee.

Company: Grimmheimat Nordhessen